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Bandsaw Machine Large HBP1100-1800 With Roller Conveyor BEHRINGER

Merupakan mesin tangguh dan efisien yang dirancang untuk memotong benda besar dengan presisi. Konstruksinya yang kokoh, dikombinasikan dengan sistem konveyor roller terintegrasi, memastikan penanganan material yang mulus dan pemotongan yang akurat. Dengan kecepatan pemotongan yang dapat disesuaikan, kontrol yang mudah digunakan, dan teknologi pemotongan canggih, memberikan solusi pemotongan yang andal dan berkinerja tinggi.


Large Bandsaw HBP1100-1800

A standout performer in steel finishing and the steel trade, the large horizontal bandsaws with roller conveyors from BEHRINGER are versatile all-rounders. They excel particularly when cutting lengthy solid materials—whether rolled or rough turned—or handling large pipes, resulting in significant productivity gains. Additionally, their easy access to crucial components simplifies maintenance and servicing tasks, further enhancing operational efficiency.

Large band saw HBP1100

Servo Feed System

The BEHRINGER servo feed system with cutting pressure control produces constant chip removal, especially with slow feed movements. Large and difficult-to-cut materials are thus sawn with the highest cutting performance and at the same time longer blade life.

Servo Feed System 10

Cast Iron Band Guiding Parts

Cast iron band guiding parts provide essential support and stability to bandsaw blades during cutting operations. Renowned for their durability and heat resistance, these components ensure precise and consistent cuts in metalworking applications.

Cast iron band guiding parts 14

Carbide Blade Guides

Carbide blade guides represent the pinnacle of precision and durability in bandsaw blade guidance. Crafted from high-quality carbide materials, these guides offer exceptional wear resistance and thermal stability, ensuring prolonged performance even in demanding cutting environments.

Carbide blade guides

Process-Reliable Chip Disposal by Chain Conveyor

Achieve process-reliable chip disposal with a chain conveyor system. Designed for seamless removal of metal chips generated during machining processes, this solution ensures uninterrupted production by efficiently transporting chips away from the work area.

Process-reliable chip disposal by chain conveyor

Optimum Accessibility

BEHRINGER attaches great importance to the aspect of maintenance and servicing: All the important parts and components are very accessible. The open design offers direct access to all wearing parts, optimizing both maintenance and repairs and simplifying saw blade changes.

Optimum accessibility

Duplex Chip Brushes

Duplex chip brushes are essential tools for efficient chip removal in machining operations. Featuring dual brush heads, these tools effectively sweep away debris and chips from workpieces and machinery, ensuring cleanliness and preventing damage.

Duplex chip brushes

Features of The Large Bandsaw HBP1100-1800

Blade Guiding Parts in Grey Cast Iron.

By dampening vibrations directly at the sawing point, blade-guiding elements made by BEHRINGER help to increase tool service life.

Strong Saw Drive.

BEHRINGER large band saws feature a high-torque frequency controlled saw drive with heavyduty hollow shaft gearbox.

Precise Guiding System in Portal Design.

The portal design of the machine concept is the most recognizable feature of the BEHRINGER large band saws.

Powered Duplex Chip Brushes.

Actively clean the blade and prevent chips being drawn into the cutting channel.

Efficient Chip Removal.

The chip conveyor is located directly underneath the sawing point, which catches the saw chips and surplus cooling emulsion.

Technical Data Large Bandsaw HBP1100-1800

Cutting Range 
Cutting range 90° round1,100 mm
Cutting range 90° flat1,800 x 1,100 mm
Smallest dimension to be sawn round400 mm
Smallest dimension to be sawn flat400 x 200 mm
Performance Characteristics  
Drive power15 kW
Blade speed8 – 84 m/min
Saw blade dimensions14,330 x 80 x 1.6 mm
Total power30 kW
Dimensions and Weight 
Length3,100 mm
Width8,100 mm
Height3,850 mm
Weight15,500 kg
Material support height700 mm