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Circular Saw Machine High Speed HCS 160 MF BEHRINGER

Merupakan mesin gergaji bundar kecepatan tinggi. Dirancang untuk pemotongan berkecepatan tinggi, mesin ini memberikan kinerja luar biasa dalam aplikasi industri yang menuntut. Dengan konstruksi yang kokoh dan fitur-fitur canggih, alat ini dengan mudah menangani berbagai material, menghasilkan pemotongan yang bersih dan akurat dengan kecepatan luar biasa.


High Speed Circular Saw HCS 160 MF

The HCS 160 MF industrial circular saw is a specialist for highest cutting performance and premium quality. Due to low cutting costs and tight tolerances, it quickly pays for itself in multi-shift operation. Elevate your productivity and precision with the cutting-edge capabilities of the HCS 160 MF Circular Saw Machine.

HCS 160 MF

Stable,Low-Vibration Gearbox

Our machinery is equipped with a Stable, Low-Vibration Gearbox, designed to enhance both performance and precision in demanding industrial environments. This advanced gearbox minimizes vibrations significantly, ensuring smoother operations and higher quality cuts with reduced noise levels.

Stable, low-vibration gearbox 1

Powerful Control System

Harness unprecedented precision and efficiency with the Powerful Control System of the Circular Saw Machine High Speed HCS 100 MF by BEHRINGER. Engineered to provide comprehensive command over cutting operations, this advanced system allows for intricate adjustments and real-time monitoring, ensuring optimal performance.

Powerful control system

Funnel-Shaped Machine Base

Ensures perfect chip flow into the chip conveyor as well as the speedy disposal of chips and cooling liquids. Cleaning is extremely easy.

Funnel-shaped machine base

Servo-Driven Feeding Gripper

Swiftly positions the material precisely and in a matter of seconds. Its advantages are: accurate cutting length and short cycle times with tight tolerances.

Servo-driven feeding gripper 3

Features of The High Speed Circular Saw HCS 160 MF

Robust,Low-Vibration Gear Unit.

The heart of the saw unit is the worm gear unit, made by BEHRINGER EISELE. It is heavy duty and provides for a smooth, low-vibration running of the saw, which, of course, has a positive impact on the quality of the cutting surface and the blade life.

Extremely Solid Construction.

The extremely stable and solid machine bed is the basis of every HCS high speed circular saw. It ensures excellent vibration damping and ideal power flow.

Short Cycle Times.

Electronic cutting height adjustment and rapid return of the saw blade.

Simple and Intuitive Operation of The Control Unit.

Everything under control! The control unit is self explanatory and easy to operate; operating mistakes are avoided and it allows for quick navigation within the program menu.

Funnel-Shaped Machine Base.

Provides a perfect chip flow into the chip conveyor as well as the speedy disposal of chips. Cleaning is extremely easy.

Multi-Fluid Cooling System.

Micro-spraying devices for minimal lubrication, and cooling vortex tubes for dry processing.

BVA - Blade Vibration Absorber.

The optimal synergy between the generously-sized carbide metal guides and an efficient brush system guarantees not only extended service life but also enhances cutting precision and efficiency.

Linear Guided Saw Feed.

The saw unit is moved dynamically through the entire cutting area via two linear guides in conjunction with a ball screw and a servo motor.

Chip Conveyor With Coolant Tank.

The new chip conveyor houses the coolant tank and coolant pump saving space.

Technical Data High Speed Circular saw HCS 160 MF

Cutting Range 
Cutting range 90° round160 mm
Cutting range 90° square140 x 140 mm
Smallest dimension to be sawn round20 mm
Smallest dimension to be sawn square20 x 20 mm
Performance Characteristics  
Drive power22.5 kW
RPM20 – 250 min-1
Saw blade diameter360 / 420 / 460 / 480 mm
Feeding length single stroke1,000 mm
Feed rate1,730 mm/s
Saw feedservo-driven
Material clampinghydraulic
Saw driveservo-driven
Dimensions and Weight 
Length2,700 mm
Width2,400 mm
Height2,500 mm
Weight4,400 kg
Material support height1,170 mm