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Circular Saw Machine Aluminium VA-L 500 E BEHRINGER

Merupakan mesin gergaji bundar alat pemotong berperforma tinggi yang dirancang khusus untuk material aluminium. Dengan konstruksi yang kuat dan kemampuan pemotongan yang presisi, mesin ini memastikan pemotongan yang efisien dan akurat. Dibuat dengan mempertimbangkan daya tahan dan keandalan, memiliki kinerja optimal dan keserbagunaan untuk semua kebutuhan pemotongan aluminium.


Aluminium Circular Saw VA-L 500 E

With its specialized design optimized for aluminum processing, the VA-L 500 E offers unparalleled efficiency and reliability. Elevate your aluminum cutting operations with the precision and performance of the VA-L 500 E Circular Saw Machine.for cutting aluminium and non-ferrous metals

Aluminium circular saw VA-L 500 E

Excellent Accessibility

Experience unparalleled accessibility with the Circular Saw Machine Aluminium VA-L 500 E by BEHRINGER. Designed with user convenience in mind, this machine features excellent accessibility, allowing for effortless maintenance and operation.

Excellent accessibility 1

Feeding Gripper With Lift and Shift Device

Harness unprecedented precision and efficiency with the Powerful Control System of the Circular Saw Machine High Speed HCS 100 MF by BEHRINGER. Engineered to provide comprehensive command over cutting operations, this advanced system allows for intricate adjustments and real-time monitoring, ensuring optimal performance.

Feeding gripper with lift and shift device

Intuitive Control System of The Aluminium Saw

Ensures perfect chip flow into the chip conveyor as well as the speedy disposal of chips and cooling liquids. Cleaning is extremely easy.

Intuitive control system of the aluminium saw

Automatic Widening of Kerf Channel

Allows clear return travel of the saw blade by pressing back the material and the offcut on both sides. The effect: increased service life of tools and elimination of scratching on the cut surface during blade retraction.

Automatic widening of kerf channel

Features of The Aluminium Circular Saw VA-L 500 E

Material Feed System With Lift and Shift Device.

The NC axis with ball screw and servo drive in conjunction with lift and shift device guarantees extreme positioning accuracy and helps ensure gentle material handling.

Pneumatic Material Clamping.

Safe and surface-preserving clamping. For machining very thin-walled profiles, the use of form jaws is possible.

Short Cycle Times.

by electronic cutting height adjustment and rapid return of the saw blade.

Short Remnant Length.

of only 90 mm in automatic operation saves expensive material.

Excellent Surface Quality.

The aluminium circular saw provides an optimum, low-vibration cutting process. The workpieces can be transferred to the next operations without or almost without post-processing.

Chip Extraction.

The basic design of the VA-L aluminium saw is optimised for the connection of extraction systems.

Automatic Widening of Kerf Channel.

Allows clear return travel of the saw blade by pressing back the material and the offcut on both sides.

High Output.

Due to a powerful drive and optimised material flow.

Highest Level of Safety.

The unique machine concept prioritizes occupational safety and ergonomic design. The VA-L is 100% encapsulated as standard.

Good Accessibility.

The housing of the circular saw can be opened up to expose large areas of the machine. All the important components and parts are easily accessible.

Careful Material Handling.

Damage to the material surface is avoided by the special design of the material handling systems.

Technical Data Aluminium Circular Saw
VA-L 500 E

Cutting Range 
Cutting range 90° round175 mm
Cutting range 90° square235 135 mm
Cutting range 90° square155 x 155 mm
Smallest dimension to be sawn round10 mm
Smallest dimension to be sawn square10 x 10 mm
Performance Characteristics  
Drive power18 kW
RPM800 – 3,400 min-1
Saw blade diameter450 – 500 mm
Feeding length single stroke1,000 mm
Feed rate0 – 1,000 mm/s
Saw feedservo-driven
Material clampingpneumatic
Dimensions and Weight 
Length2,140 mm
Width2,010 mm
Height2,016 mm
Weight2,200 kg
Material support height925  mm