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Circular Saw Machine Tube Cutting Saw PSU 450 GS BEHRINGER

Merupakan gergaji pemotong tabung adalah solusi canggih yang dirancang untuk pemotongan tabung  secara efisien dan presisi. Didesain dengan mempertimbangkan ketahanan dan presisi, alat berat ini dilengkapi unit penggergajian berperforma tinggi dan mampu menangani berbagai macam material dan ukuran. Mengintegrasikan fitur-fitur canggih yang mudah digunakan.


Tube Cutting Saw PSU 450 GS

Equipped with a powerful circular saw, it delivers clean and precise cuts, ensuring high-quality results consistently. Whether for industrial manufacturing or fabrication projects, the PSU 450 GS enhances productivity and versatility, making it an ideal choice for demanding tube cutting applications.

Tube cutting saw PSU 450 GS

Individual Clamping Concepts via Standardised Mounts

Achieve tailored precision with our Circular Saw Machine Tube Cutting Saw PSU 450 GS by BEHRINGER, boasting individual clamping concepts via standardized mounts. This innovative feature ensures seamless and secure clamping of diverse tube shapes and sizes, optimizing cutting accuracy and efficiency.

Individual clamping concepts via standardised mounts

Features of The Tube Cutting Saw PSU 450 GS

Reliable Workpiece Clamping.

The extremely robust clamping bridge and the integrated long-stroke cylinder with 160 mm clamping stroke ensure secure clamping of the workpieces to be machined.

Mounting for Part-Specific Fixtures.

The material table is flat. Part-specific fixtures can be installed and exchanged quickly and easily on this table.

Two-Hand Operation.

The standard two-hand operation allows comfortable and safe working without disturbing mechanical guards.

Robust and Durable.

The heart of the PSU saw units is a worm gear unit with EISELE shock-absorbing feature, produced in-house. The robust design of the gearbox consistently dampens vibrations.

Sturdy Machine Base.

The heavy machine stand and the vibration-damping cast iron components made by BEHRINGER ensure a low-vibration sawing process and thus an increase in tool life.

Optimum Chip Flow.

Also when sawing tubes and hollow profiles due to the saw feed from bottom up.

Micro Spray System.

When sawing profiles, pipes and solid material, the standard minimum quantity lubrication system delivers the best results. The saw blade is constantly moistened with cutting oil via a nozzle.

Adjustable Saw Entry and Exit Point.

The entry and exit point of the tube cutting saw to the material can be freely adjusted for the use of various fixtures.

Technical Data Tube Cutting Saw PSU 450 GS

Cutting Range 
Cutting range round150 mm
Cutting range square140 x 140 mm
Cutting range flat400 x 30 mm
Smallest dimension to be sawn round10 mm
Smallest dimension to be sawn flat10 x 10 mm
Performance Characteristics  
Drive power3.0 / 3.6 kW
RPM standard6 / 12 / 24 / 48 min-1
RPM optional12 / 24 / 48 / 96 min-1
Saw blade diameter450 mm
Saw feedhydraulic
Material clampinghydraulic
Dimensions and Weight 
Length1,600 mm
Width1,025 mm
Height2,040 mm
Weight1,200 kg
Material support height1,000 mm