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Kinkelder Circular Saw Blades: Engineered for Metal Cutting

Circular saw blades are essential components within the metal cutting sector, especially when it comes to handling robust steels. Among the competition, Kinkelder has established itself with a renowned track record for its inventive and top-notch saw blades.

Now, let’s delve deeper into the Kinkelder brand, examining its product range and the benefits it provides.

A Brief History of Kinkelder

Brand Kinkelder

In 1945, Kinkelder commenced its journey by producing agricultural spraying equipment. Recognizing an opportunity in the early 1960s, they diversified into saw blades, establishing their HSS blade manufacturing plant in 1964.

However, Kinkelder’s ambitions soared beyond. Since the mid-90s, they’ve surged past conventional tools, forging a robust reputation for application-driven cutting technologies. Today, Kinkelder is a prominent brand renowned for high-performance circular saw blades, serving as a trusted partner across automotive, aerospace, and other industries.

With its origins rooted in the Netherlands, Kinkelder, a leading manufacturer of circular saw blades, has gained widespread trust across the globe. Their expansive network of distributors ensures the availability of their blades to customers in numerous countries, including Singapore and Malaysia, where LFC PTE LTD proudly serves as a distributor.

Advantages of Kinkelder Circular Saw Blades

Kinkelder distinguishes itself from competitors by emphasizing quality and performance. Here’s how their saw blades consistently achieve superior results:

1. Unparalleled Precision.

Kinkelder upholds stringent international standards and harnesses cutting-edge technology, resulting in blades crafted from advanced materials and innovative designs. This guarantees clean and precise cuts, ideal for applications requiring exacting tolerances.

2. Versatility Tailored to Every Task.

Kinkelder provides a comprehensive selection of circular saw blades to address diverse industrial cutting requirements. Whether you’re working with solid metals, pipes/tubes, or intricate profiles, there’s a Kinkelder blade perfectly suited to the job. This flexibility enables you to select the optimal blade for maximum efficiency.

3. Expert Guidance for Optimal Performance.

Kinkelder offers more than just blade sales; they deliver exceptional technical support to their customers. This encompasses valuable advice on selecting the most suitable saw blade for your specific application and helpful maintenance tips. Such support ensures you extract the utmost from your Kinkelder blades, enhancing their performance and longevity.

Kinkelder circular saw blades empower professionals across diverse industries to achieve superior cutting outcomes by integrating top-notch quality, unparalleled versatility, and expert guidance.

Kinkelder’s Diverse Array of Saw Blades

Kinkelder provides a comprehensive selection of circular saw blade categories, ensuring you have the perfect tool for every task:

1. TCT Circular Saws.

Kinkelder’s TCT blades are engineered to excel in metal-cutting applications. Reinforced with tungsten carbide, a durable and wear-resistant material, these blades are adept at handling solid steel, steel bars, and steel tubes. They deliver precise, smooth cuts even at high speeds, minimizing downtime for blade changes. Moreover, their remarkable wear resistance ensures an extended lifespan, reducing replacement costs. When durability and swift, clean metal cuts are essential, Kinkelder’s TCT blades emerge as the optimal choice.

a. TCT Flying Cut-Off

TCT Flying Cut-Off

Kinkelder’s TCT Flying Cut-Off blades are meticulously crafted to meet the demands of high-speed metal processing in flying cut-off machines. These blades demonstrate exceptional performance across diverse industries where swift, precise metal cuts are essential. Engineered to seamlessly integrate with flying cut-off machines, they ensure efficient and accurate operation. Industries such as steel pipe manufacturing rely on these blades for clean cuts crucial in high-production settings, while rolling mills depend on their consistent performance and results for demanding cutting processes.

Some examples of products from the Kinkelder TCT Flying Cut-Off category are TCT SPEEDMASTERTCT SCARFMASTERTCT TubeMaster, and TCT TubeMaster Stainless.

b. TCT Tube

TCT Tube

Kinkelder’s TCT Tube blades are specifically designed for high-performance cutting of tubes and pipes. They excel particularly well with stainless steel tubes, ensuring clean and precise cuts. Within the TCT Tube category, Kinkelder offers a range of options to suit specific needs, including the TCT CHAMPION TLTCT CHAMPION THTCT CX 3, and TCT CX 4. This variety allows you to choose the perfect blade for your application, maximizing efficiency and cut quality in your tube and pipe-cutting operations.

c. TCT Solid

TCT Solid

Kinkelder’s TCT Solid blades are meticulously designed to address the demands of high-volume solid metal cutting. These blades shine in their ability to handle steel bars, profiles, billets, and diverse solid stainless steel forms. They guarantee clean and efficient cuts, even when dealing with substantial quantities of material. Within the TCT Solid category, Kinkelder offers a variety of options like the TCT CHAMPION SLTCT CX 1-MTCT CX 1-H, and TCT CX 7. This selection allows you to find the perfect blade for your specific solid metal cutting needs, maximizing both efficiency and cut quality throughout your operations.

2. HSS Circular Saws.

Harnessing the power of High-Speed Steel (HSS), Kinkelder’s HSS circular saw blades ensure outstanding performance. One of the primary benefits of HSS is its capacity to maintain sharpness even at elevated temperatures. This quality renders HSS blades perfect for cutting through a wide range of metals, steel, and other tough materials where preserving a clean cut is imperative.

a. HSS Standard

HSS Standard

Standard HSS saw blades are used for cutting tubes and solid materials on manual and semi-automatic saw machines. Some examples of products from the Kinkelder HSS Standard category, namely HSS FERNOXHSS SOLARHSS ALPHA.

b. HSS Advanced

HSS Advanced

Kinkelder’s HSS Advanced line of saw blades is specifically engineered to conquer tough materials at high cutting speeds. This range caters to applications where both strength and efficiency are crucial. Within HSS Advanced, Kinkelder offers a variety of options, including the HSS FUSION 2.0 known for its exceptional wear resistance on very hard steel, the HSS POWER 2.0 delivering powerful performance on various metals, the HSS FUSION NX for the ultimate combination of wear resistance and cutting speed, and the HSS POWER NX designed for maximum power and efficiency across a broad range of metals.

3. Segmental Saw Blades

Kinkelder’s segmental saw blades provide a distinctive answer to heavy-duty metal cutting needs. Spanning from 250mm to an impressive 1610mm in diameter, these blades are engineered for robustness and simple maintenance. Unlike conventional blades, segmental blades boast a core crafted from chrome vanadium steel, featuring individually hardened and riveted tooth segments along the periphery. This ingenious design facilitates the replacement of individual segments in case of significant tooth damage, reducing downtime and prolonging blade longevity. As a result, they are well-suited for industrial environments where extensive usage and potential wear are prevalent.

Kinkelder Saw Blades in Indonesia

PT LFC Teknologi Indonesia takes pride in being the authorized distributor of Kinkelder in Indonesia. Our team of professionals is dedicated to assisting you in selecting the perfect blade tailored to your specific needs. We recognize the significance of choosing the correct blade to enhance efficiency and ensure precise cuts. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your requirements.

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