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Bandsaw Machine Automatic Mitre Device SLB240AG BEHRINGER

Mesin otomatis pemotong berkinerja tinggi yang dirancang untuk pemotongan logam presisi dengan kemampuan miring. Dilengkapi perangkat mitra otomatis, gergaji ini memungkinkan pemotongan mitra yang akurat dan efisien pada berbagai material. Memudahkan proses pemotongan, mengurangi waktu produksi dengan tetap menjaga kualitas dan akurasi yang luar biasa.


Automatic Bandsaw With Mitre Device SLB240AG

In addition to its extensive basic equipment, the automatic bandsaw offers an attractive price/performance ratio. The small footprint makes it the ideal sawing machine in metalworking stores.

Mitre Device SLB240AG

Material Clamps and Mitre Device

Material clamps and a mitre device, essential components designed to securely hold workpieces at precise angles for accurate cutting in industrial applications.

Material clamps and mitre device

Saw Band Tensioning

The saw band is tensioned manually. The setting of the correct tensioning force is displayed optically. In order to prevent overloading during the sawing process, the pressure is equalized by means of a pretensioned disc spring package.

Saw Band Tensioning 2

Control Panel

The Control Panel, a centralized interface facilitating the operation and management of industrial machinery for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Control Panel 3

Automatic Material Feed

Automatic material feed, a feature designed to streamline the process of feeding materials into machinery, enhancing efficiency and productivity in industrial operations.

Automatic Material Feed 1

Material Feeding Gripper

The material feeding gripper, an essential component designed to securely grip and feed materials into machinery for efficient processing in industrial applications.

Material feeding gripper

Features of The Automatic Bandsaw SLB240AG

Robust Material Vice With Quick-Clamping Device.

The material is clamped by a robust vice with a hydraulic quick-clamping device. The vice is adjusted to the material width using a handwheel.

NC Program Control.

Modern programmable logic controller with clear masks on the LCD display for simple and safe manual and automatic operation.

Miter Adjustment.

The miter angle can be adjusted to one side. The saw frame is locked by means of a quick-release clamp.

Frequency-Controlled Saw Drive.

Offers maximum flexibility when sawing different material grades such as stainless steel or aluminum.

Precise Band Guides.

Combination of roller and carbide guide of the saw band. Adjustment of the movable band guide according to the cutting width.

Saw Band Tensioning.

The saw band is tensioned manually. The setting of the correct tensioning force is displayed optically.

Hydraulic Saw Feed.

The saw feed is hydraulically controlled with an infinitely adjustable feed rate. The lifting and lowering of the saw frame is controlled by push buttons.

Coolant System.

The machine is equipped with 2 regulated coolant nozzles. The coolant tank can be removed for easy cleaning.

Technical Data Automatic Bandsaw SLB240AG

Cutting Range 
Cutting range 90° round260 mm
Cutting range 90° flat310 x 260 mm
45° Miter right round260 mm
45° Miter right square260 x 260 mm
45° Miter right flat290 x 120 mm
30° Miter right round180 mm
30° Miter right square180 x 180 mm
30° Miter right flat190 x 90 mm
Smallest dimension to be sawn round10 mm
Smallest dimension to be sawn flat10 x 6 mm
Performance Characteristics  
Feeding length single stroke510 mm
Drive power1.5 kW
Blade speed16 – 120 m/min
Saw blade dimensions3,300 x 27 x 0.9 mm
Rest piece length in automatic mode (90°)80 mm
Shortes cutting length10 mm
Saw feedhydraulic
Material feedhydraulic
Dimensions and Weight 
Length2,550 mm
Width1,850 mm
Height1,700 mm
Weight1,160 kg
Material support height850 mm