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Bandsaw Machine Automatic Mitre HBE320-523GA BEHRINGER

Mesin ini menggabungkan pemotongan mitra otomatis dengan presisi dan efisiensi. Dirancang dengan kemampuan otomatisasi tingkat lanjut, alat berat ini memudahkan pemotongan miring, sehingga mengurangi kebutuhan penyesuaian manual. Memberikan hasil pemotongan yang konsisten dan akurat, mesin ini solusi yang dapat diandalkan untuk lingkungan manufaktur yang ingin meningkatkan produktivitas dan mencapai pemotongan berkualitas tinggi.


Automatic Mitre HBE320-523GA

The Automatic Mitre Band Saw HBE320-523GA scores with high cutting performance, user-friendliness and precision. It cuts profile steels, tubes and solid materials made of steel or stainless steel at almost any angle.

Automatic Mitre BandsawHBE320-523GA 1

Micro Spray System

When sawing profiles, pipes and solid material, the standard minimum quantity lubrication system delivers the best results. The saw blade is constantly moistened with cutting oil via two nozzles

Micro spray system 2

Enclosed Material Table

An Enclosed Material Table offers a secure and organized workspace for handling materials in various industrial applications. With protective barriers or sides, it ensures safety by containing materials within the table area, preventing spills or accidents.

Enclosed material table 4

Automatic Mitre Angle Adjustment

Automatic mitre angle adjustment is a cutting-edge feature integrated into industrial machinery, enabling seamless and precise adjustments to cutting angles without manual intervention. This automated functionality streamlines workflow processes, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in metalworking and fabrication tasks.

automatic mitre angle adjustment

Electrically Driven Chip Brush

With BEHRINGER quick-change device for tool-free brush changes. The teeth of the saw band are protected by the special engagement angle.

Electrically driven chip brush 18

Lifting Roller on The Infeed Side

The lifting roller on the infeed side is a crucial component of industrial machinery, designed to effortlessly raise and guide materials into the processing area. This feature streamlines workflow by efficiently positioning materials for further processing, reducing manual effort and increasing productivity.

Lifting roller on the infeed side

Powerful PC Control

The Powerful PC Control system offers advanced computing capabilities for precise and efficient management of industrial processes. With robust hardware and intuitive software, it enables comprehensive control and monitoring of equipment, ensuring optimal performance and productivity.

Powerful PC control 3

Servo Feed System With Cutting Pressure Control

The Servo Feed System with Cutting Pressure Control combines servo technology with precision pressure control for efficient and accurate metal cutting. This advanced system optimizes feed rates while dynamically adjusting cutting pressure, ensuring consistent and clean cuts across various materials

servo feed

Features of The Metal Cutting Bandsaw HBE320-523GA

Sensitive BEHRINGER Cutting Pressure Control.

Increases the cutting performance when sawing tubes and profiles, as it automatically adapts the saw feed of the machine to the changing material cross-sections.

Precision Portal-Design Guide System.

The combination of stable, low-vibration saw frame and the linear guide system in portal design ensure the best band sawing results and maximum service life.

Safe Material Flow - Even With Short Starting and Cut-off Lengths.

The closed table support and the clever connection to material handling systems offer maximum process reliability in fully automatic operation.

Downfeed Control With Servo Drive

The saw feed is carried out by means of a ball screw and servo motor. This results in considerably shorter non-productive times and more precise saw feeds.

Hydraulic Blade Tensioning.

The saw band is always optimally tensioned by a hydraulic system. When the machine is at a standstill, the saw band is relieved, thus extending its service life.

Automatic Guide Arm.

Optimum sawing result without any adjustments - even with frequently changing material sizes.

Customer-Oriented Sawing Concepts.

BEHRINGER offers complete system solutions with individual material handling where everything fits together perfectly.

Energy-Efficient Drives.

More output with less energy consumption. Protects the environment and your wallet.

Cast Iron Band Guiding Parts.

Are made by BEHRINGER and provide vibration damping directly at the cutting edge, thus increasing tool life.

Feed Gripper With Retracting Fixed Jaw.

For automatic positioning of the starting material, the automatic mitre band saw HBE320-523GA has a 3,000 mm long feeding gripper

3° Inclination of The Saw Blade.

Provides higher cutting performance when sawing hollow profiles and beams and reduces burr formation.

Technical Data Mitre Bandsaw HBE320-523GA

Cutting Range 
Cutting range 90° round320 mm
Cutting range 90° flat520 x 320 mm
75° Mitre left round / flat320 mm / 520 x 320 mm
60° Mitre left round / flat320 mm / 470 x 320 mm
45° Mitre left round / flat320 mm / 390 x 320 mm
30° Mitre left round / flat200 mm / 200 x 320 mm
75° Mitre right round / flat320 mm / 490 x 320 mm
60° Mitre right round / flat320 mm / 420 x 320 mm
45° Mitre right round / flat320 mm / 330 x 320 mm
Smallest dimension to be sawn round20 mm
Smallest dimension to be sawn flat20 x 20 mm
Performance Characteristics  
Feeding length single stroke3,000 mm
Drive power2.6 kW
Blade speed15 – 110 m/min
Saw blade dimensions5,300 x 34 x 1.1 mm
Rest piece length150 mm
Total power8 kW
Saw feedServo feed via ball screw
Material feedservo motor via gear rack
Material clampinghydraulic
Saw blade cleaningelectrically driven chip brush
Dimensions and Weight 
Length5,500 mm (incl. swivel range: 6,000 mm)
Width2,900 mm
Height2,150 mm
Weight2,560 kg
Material support height800 mm