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Bandsaw Machine Metal Cutting HBE560 BEHRINGER

Mesin ini dirancang untuk pemotongan logam yang akurat dan efisien. Menampilkan konstruksi kokoh dan desain berperforma tinggi, mesin ini mampu menangani berbagai material logam dengan presisi. Fitur pemotongannya yang canggih memungkinkan pengoperasian yang lancar dan konsisten, sehingga cocok untuk industri. Solusi untuk lingkungan manufaktur yang bertujuan untuk mencapai pemotongan logam berkualitas tinggi dan dapat diandalkan.


Metal Cutting HBE560

The HBE560 is a cutting-edge, semi-automatic horizontal bandsaw designed for the efficient cutting of solid metals across all grades and large pipes, boasting a sturdy build for high-performance output. It excels in making single cuts or handling complex material geometries, where manual positioning via crane or roller conveyor, guided by a line laser, is advised.

Metal cutting bandsaw HBE560

Control Panel

The control panel is a user-friendly interface designed to streamline the operation of machines and systems. It provides operators with easy access to control functions, allowing for the adjustment of settings, monitoring of system status, and execution of commands with precision and ease.

Control panel

Electrically Driven Chip Brush

With BEHRINGER quick-change device for tool-free brush changes. The teeth of the saw band are protected by the special engagement angle.

Electrically driven chip brush 10

Inclined Band Wheels

Inclined band wheels are a critical component in bandsaw machines, designed to optimize the performance and lifespan of the saw blade. By tilting the wheels at a specific angle, these components ensure that the blade maintains optimal contact with the material being cut, reducing wear and enhancing precision.

Inclined band wheels

Cast iron Band Guiding Parts

Are made by BEHRINGER and provide vibration damping directly at the cutting edge, thus increasing tool life.

Cast iron band guiding parts 8

High Torque Band Saw Drive

The high torque band saw drive is engineered to deliver exceptional cutting power and efficiency for bandsaw machines. Characterized by its ability to produce a higher level of torque, this drive system enhances the cutting speed and performance, especially when working with tough or dense materials.

High torque band saw drive

Double Clamping Vice

Is ideal for clamping single cuts. The clamping jaws are arranged on both sides of the saw band. When setting up, the material can simply be aligned with the blade.

Double clamping vice

Features of The Metal Cutting Bandsaw HBE560

Sensitive BEHRINGER Cutting Pressure Control.

Increases the cutting performance when sawing tubes and profiles, as it automatically adapts the saw feed of the machine to the changing material cross-sections.

Precision Portal-Design Guide System.

The combination of stable, low-vibration saw frame and the linear guide system in portal design ensure the best band sawing results and maximum service life.

Energy Efficient.

The use of modern drives and a special hydraulic system reduces energy consumption by approx. 30% compared to the previous model.

Automatic Guide Arm.

Optimum sawing result without any adjustments - even with frequently changing material sizes.

Technical Data Metal Cutting Bandsaw HBE560

Cutting Range 
Cutting range 90° round560 mm
Cutting range 90° flat560 x 560 mm
Smallest dimension to be sawn round20 mm
Smallest dimension to be sawn flat20 x 8 mm
Performance Characteristics  
Drive power5.5 kW
Blade speed10 – 110 m/min
Saw blade dimensions7,800 x 54 x 1.6 mm
Rest piece length40 mm
Total power12 kW
Dimensions and Weight 
Length1,600 mm
Width3,750 mm
Height2,700 mm
Weight3,400 kg
Material support height800 mm