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Bandsaw Machine RF-500 RongFu

Merupakan alat serbaguna yang dirancang untuk pemotongan logam presisi. Dengan kuat dan konstruksi yang kokoh, gergaji ini memberikan pemotongan yang akurat pada berbagai material. Desainnya yang ringkas dan ramah pengguna membuatnya cocok untuk bengkel dan aplikasi industri skala kecil hingga menengah. Memudahkan proses pemotongan, meningkatkan efisiensi sekaligus mempertahankan hasil berkualitas tinggi.


2 Way Swivel Semi Auto Bandsaw RF-500

The RF-500 RongFu Bandsaw Machine, a compact yet powerful solution for precise cutting tasks. Engineered with efficiency in mind, this machine offers versatility and reliability, making it an ideal choice for workshops handling a variety of cutting projects. 

RF-500 (1)

Cutting Capacity

Choose the right bandsaw for your needs based on its cutting capacity.

Cutting Capacity RF-500


RF-500DSA Standard

Dual Swivel Cutting Angle from 0º- 60º (5º Increments).
New Type, Heavy Duty, One-piece Stand with Swivel Control Box for Efficient Operation.
High Efficiency Gear Drive System with Variable Step Pulley for Fast Speed Changes.
Led Readout for Clear Speed Setting.
Suitable for Bundle Cutting on Large Tubes & Pipes.
Large Setting Scale for Counter Blade Guide Position Setting.
Enlarged Hydraulic Cylinder & Buffer Spring for Enhanced Cutting Stability.
Electric Shut-off System & Alarm for Safety.
Cleaning Hose & Nozzle for Easy Chip Flushing.
Easy Access Chip Tray for Quick Cleanup.
Self-propelled Blade Brush Extends Blade Life.
Comes with Bi-metal Blade, Chip Brush, & Length Stop Set.


Hydraulic Vise System for Secure Clamping Variable Size Workpieces.

Table Specifications

Main Motor HPMain Motor / 5HP
Hydraulic Motor / 2HP
Coolant Pump / 1/8HP
Main Motor / 5HP
Hydraulic Motor / 2HP
Coolant Pump / 1/8HP
Speed MT/min60HZ / 32~96
50HZ / 26~80
60HZ / 32~96
50HZ / 26~80
Speed Ft/min60HZ / 106~317
50HZ / 85~264
60HZ / 106~317
50HZ / 85~264
Saw Blade mm (WxTxL)41×1.3×589041×1.3×5890
Saw Blade inch (WxTxL)1.6″1×0.05″x231.88″1.6″1×0.05″x231.88″
Machine Dimensions mm (LxWxH)3000x1270x17303000x1270x1730
Machine Dimensions inch (LxWxH)118″x50″x68″118″x50″x68″
Packing Dimensions mm (LxWxH)2930x1140x19812930x1140x1981
Packing Dimensions inch (LxWxH)115.3″x44.8″x78″115.3″x44.8″x78″
Machine Weight NW/GW1590/1800 kgs
3505/3968 lbs
1650/1860 kgs
3635/4095 lbs
No.of Machines
Packed in 20″ container
4 sets4 sets