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Bandsaw Machine RF-812 RongFu

Merupakan gergaji yang berukuran sedang dengan opsi & aksesori peningkatan katrol langkah untuk memotong berbagai jenis pipa & batang secara efisien. Tingkatkan kemampuan pemotongan Anda dengan gergaji berukuran sedang kami, yang dilengkapi opsi peningkatan katrol langkah untuk kontrol kecepatan optimal. Memudahkan proses pemotongan, meningkatkan produktivitas sekaligus memastikan hasil berkualitas tinggi yang konsisten.


8″ Metal Bandsaw RF-812

This bandsaw is equipped with specialized accessories, making it highly efficient at cutting a wide range of pipe and bar materials with precision and ease.

Metal Band Saw (1)

Cutting Capacity

Choose the right bandsaw for your needs based on its cutting capacity.

Cutting Capacity Rf 812


RF 812 Manual

8” X 12” Step Pulley.
Allows 0-45º Angle Cutting.
Cast Saw Bow, Work Table, & Blade Wheels for Rigidity & Strength.
Fully Adjustable Hydraulic Downfeed Control.
Full Enclosure Metal Blade Cover for Safety.
Bearing Blade Guide for improved Stability, Extended Blade Life, & Reduced Consumables Cost.
4 Speed Step Pulley for Different Cutting Speeds.
Quick Moving Vise for Easy & Fast Clamping.
Handy Pulley Cover, Convenient for Belt Step Changing.


Allows 0-45º Angle Cutting.
Tru-Lock Vise for Firm Clamping.

Table Specifications

Main Motor HP3/43/4
Speed MT/min60HZ / 27-41-59-78
50HZ / 22-34-49-64
60HZ / 29-50-75-100
50HZ / 24-41-61-82
Speed Ft/min60HZ / 90-135-197-255
50HZ / 70-110-160-210
60HZ / 98-164-246-328
50HZ / 81-135-203-270
Saw Blade mm (WxTxL)20×0.8×236220×0.8×2362 W/Carbon
Saw Blade inch (WxTxL)0.8×0.0315×930.8×0.0315×93
Machine Dimensions mm (LxWxH)1235x430x9551235x430x1100
Machine Dimensions inch (LxWxH)48.65x17x37.649x17x43
Packing Dimensions mm (LxWxH)1308x457x9651305x485x1143
Packing Dimensions inch (LxWxH)51.5x18x3851.5x19x45
Machine Weight NW/GW150/185 kgs
330 / 407 lbs
180/200 kgs
395 / 440 lbs
No.of Machines
Packed in 20″ container
40 sets/ SKD 60 sets240 sets