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Bandsaw Machine HBE1060A Performance BEHRINGER

Mesin ini dirancang untuk pemotongan presisi dengan efisiensi. Menampilkan fitur-fitur canggih dan desain yang kokoh, alat berat ini memastikan hasil pemotongan yang konsisten dan berkualitas tinggi yang cocok untuk industri. Kemampuan kinerjanya yang tinggi membuatnya ideal untuk menangani material yang berbeda dengan akurat. Mesin ini cocok untuk lingkungan manufaktur yang ingin mengoptimalkan produktivitas dan mencapai pemotongan presisi secara konsisten.


HBE1060A Performance

The HBE1060A Performance high-performance automatic saw is tailored for rigorous applications in the steel trade, manufacturing, and metal production sectors. It excels in cutting large pipes or solid materials, including steel, plastic, or high-alloy materials, delivering precise and powerful cuts with effortless material handling. Engineered for durability, the HBE1060A Performance boasts a robust construction suitable for tough operating conditions.

Production band saw HBE1060A Performance

Intuitive BehrCtrl10 Touch Control

Experience intuitive control: BehrCtrl10 touchscreen

Intuitive BehrCtrl10 touch control 3

Servo-Downfeed With Cutting Pressure Control

Achieve precise cuts with automatic adjustment of cutting pressure, ensuring optimal performance and blade longevity.

Servo-downfeed with cutting pressure control

Massive Feed Gripper With Ball Screw

Massive feed gripper with ball screw: Ensure secure material handling and precise feeding in heavy-duty cutting operations.

Massive feed gripper with ball screw 1

Electrically Driven Chip Brush

With BEHRINGER quick-change device for tool-free brush changes. The teeth of the saw band are protected by the special engagement angle.

Electrically driven chip brush 5

Features of The Production Bandsaw HBE1060A Performance

Sensitive BEHRINGER cutting pressure control.

Increases the cutting performance when sawing tubes and profiles, as it automatically adapts the saw feed of the machine to the changing material cross-sections.

Automatic Guide Arm.

Optimum sawing result without any adjustments - even with frequently changing material sizes.

Cast Iron Band Guiding Parts.

Are made by BEHRINGER and provide vibration damping directly at the cutting edge, thus increasing tool life.

Powerful Chip Conveyor.

Optimal chip disposal thanks to the funnel-shaped machine base and the paddle-style chip conveyor with an integrated coolant tank.

Economical use of Carbide Saw Blades.

Due to robust design, use of latest servo technology and well dimensioned chip disposal.

Robust Feeding Gripper With Linear Retracting Fixed Vice Jaw.

Positions even solid material weighing tons to a tenth of a millimeter.

Precision Portal-Design Guide System.

The combination of stable, low-vibration saw frame and the linear guide system in portal design ensure the best band sawing results and maximum service life.

Servo Downfeed System.

The saw feed is carried out by means of a ball screw and servo motor. This results in significantly shorter idle times and more precise saw feeds.


Selection of the material in an extensive material database. The AFC automatically calculates the optimal values for saw feed and cutting speed.

Optimized for Single Cuts

The operator is supported in setting up individual cuts through the use of the feeding gripper and intelligent software.

Technical Data Production Bandsaw HBE1060A Performance

Cutting Range 
Cutting range 90° round1,060 mm
Cutting range 90° flat1,060 x 1,060 mm
Smallest dimension to be sawn round60 mm
Smallest dimension to be sawn flat60 x 20 mm
Performance Characteristics  
Feeding length single stroke500 mm 
Drive power7.5 kW
Blade speed10 – 110 m/min
Saw blade dimensions10,505 x 67 (80) x 1.6 mm
est piece length in automatic operation55 mm
Total power12 kW
Saw feedservo-feed via ball screw
Material feedball screw
Material clampinghydraulic
Saw blade cleaningelectrically driven chip brush
Dimensions and Weight 
Length2,525 mm
Width4,800 mm
Height3,550 mm
Weight11,000 kg
Material support height800 mm